Full Body Gown with Hood


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Designed to protect you against harmful viruses, bacteria, infections and to prevent contact with infectious agent or body fluid, the PPE or the Personal Protective Equipment kit contains all essentials to avoid any bodily exposure to such infectious material. The hooded full body suit is made using the finest quality fabric (90 GSM) and is totally anti-microbial.

The fabric is anti-allergic and breathable. Full Body Coverall which is a Light weight disposable garment for protection against Virus made out of Non-Woven Laminated Fabric. The Coverall comes with a hood, elastic at cuffs, waist & ankles having front zipper and sleeves are provided with thumb pullers. The entire garment has sealed seams and comes in either white or sky blue colour.

Features and Specifications:

✓ Usage: Disposable

✓ Fabric: 90 GSM Polypropylene / Non-Woven / Non laminated

✓ Pattern: Full Body Gown

✓ Color: White/ Blue Colour

✓ Size: General Size, Ideal Fits of maximum 47 Inches.

✓ Minimum Order Quantity: 100

✓ Price: Rs.198.

✓ Premium Quality Full Body Gown

✓ Gowns are designed to provide the right balance of comfort and protection for the widest range of procedures.

✓ Made from high quality durable polypropylene material.

✓ Finest quality gowns have sturdy double-stitched seams.

✓ Disposable

✓ Single Use

✓ Bacteria Resistance

✓ Free Size comes with a belt and cuff elastic ensures a best fit

Rs. 198

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