Vettiver Mask


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This face mask by JioVio can be easily washed and reused. The cotton face mask with a vettiver filling helps to limit the spread of disease-causing germs and also improves, refreshes mind. It has soft cotton ear loops, making it easy and comfortable to wear.

Vettiver Face Mask by JioVio acts as a protector from viral infections. This mask boosts immune systems. Easy Refilling. Yet another innovation gets along with nature and an organic protection.


✔ Cotton Face Mask with refilling packs of vettiver.

✔ The mask is for individual use.

✔ Prevents spread of viruses and bacteria’s 2 layers of soft absorbent fabric.

✔ Washable – 30 times and Reusable – 45 to 60 Days.

✔ Relieves stress and Refreshes Mind

✔ Boost Immune Systems

✔ Reusable and Natural – Organic.

Features and Specifications:

✔ Reusable: Yes

✔ Fabric: Cotton + Vettiver Filler

✔ Color: Available Plain Color

✔ Size: General Sizes

✔ Quantity: (2 PCS Per Pack)

✔ Price: Rs.149

Rs. 149 (2 Piece per pack)

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