Medical Gown Apron Half hand-Crosscut(JV3012)


GST Exclusive of 5%

Medical gown, but the specific to the name it has a front crosscut style. With Universal size, ensuring the ease of use without compromising the quality. Mainly used in medically related workspace.

Features and Specifications:

✓ Usage: Reusable

✓ Fabric: 50 GSM Woven Cotton Cloth Material

✓ Pattern: Front Crosscut Style

✓ Brand: Full Body Gown

✓ Color: Bottle Green colour

✓ Size: General Size, Ideal Fits of maximum 47 Inches.

✓ Minimum Order Quantity: 100

✓ Price: Rs.250.

✓ High Quality Medical Gown

✓ Medical Gowns are designed to provide the right balance of comfort

and protection for the widest range of procedures.

✓ Made from high quality durable cotton fabric

✓ Made up of special high non-absorbent material.

✓ Blood, water & Chemical resistant Material

✓ Finest quality medical gowns have sturdy double-stitched seams. Half Sleeves.

✓ Full cover with Front Crosscut Style.

Rs. 250

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