Basic PPE kit


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Personal Protective Equipment is designed specially to help protect you against harmful viruses, bacteria and infections and to prevent any kind of bodily contact with these infectious agents or body fluid. The kit contains all essentials to reduce the risk of contact by the wearer. Basic protection can be enabled with this basic kit.

Inside the Pack: Basic PPE Kit:

✓ Full Body Gown – With Hoody

✓ Face Shield

✓ Shoe Cover


Full Body Gown is a loose-fitting or free sized protective suit, which withstands with quality and long lasting life. A gown Features - 90 GSM Laminated Fabric, Non - Woven Fabric, Polypropylene Material. Ideal Fits of maximum 47 Inches. The package has a Full gown with hoody.

The face cover shield is made from good quality plastic material. It covers the entire face with a face sheet shield or visor to obstruct fluid splatters, droplets, or aerosols from contacting the face. The visor is super clear, transparent and offers proper venting to reduce fogging. The face shield also features an adjustable elastic band at the back to ensure proper fitting. Glasses and masks can be accommodated if required.

Shoe Covers provide a protection against possible exposure within a contaminated environment. Constructed from microporous PE laminate material. Free Size blue coloured made up of Proprietary Laminated Nonwoven with Elastic closure type.

Features and Specifications:

Disposable: Yes

Color: Blue

Size: General Size.

Minimum Order Quantity:

Price: Rs.235

✓ Great protection against any blood pathogens, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash

✓ Ability to protect against workplace hazards

✓ Provide unrestricted vision and movement

✓ Durable and Cost effective

✓ Whole face protection, full face to neck protection.

✓ Non-reusable and Disposable – Easy and environment friendly

✓ Lightweight

✓ Emphasis overall safety of the face

✓ Daily Usage – Can be used during day to day activities.

✓ Clear high definition, Anti-fog and Anti-static Face Shield.

The kit includes a coverall (full body) gown with hood, face-shield & shoe cover. The gown is made with anti-bacterial, non-oven, 70 GSM fabric. A face visor and shoe cover is a personal protective equipment device that helps them stay safe from splashes, sprays and bodily fluids.

Rs. 235

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