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Service for COVID-19 Patients

COVID-19 is an infectious disease to public health. Some cases of coronavirus may be asymptomatic, some may have mild symptoms or even severe symptoms. Few may require hospitalization or even critical treatment depending on the severity of the symptoms.

COVID-19 usually takes around 15-20 days to recover in mild cases and some cases take a month to recover from serious infection. Here we have an expert team who works to support the patient for a specific time period. We also offer home isolation care with our medical counselor, healthcare specialist, and nutritionist.

Home Isolation Care Package Starts from Rs. 2000.

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Corona Home Isolation Services

The worldwide pandemic of a coronavirus (COVID-19) has immensely affected millions of people around the world. The primary things have adopted by social distancing, wearing a mask, avoid gathering and crowdings to control the spread of fatal infections.

As per the report, 80% of COVID-19 patients are mild or without any symptoms. In these cases, they need home self-isolation care to recover at home under a medical counselor or doctor.

Benefits of taking Home Isolation Care Services

Treatment at Home

These crucial pandemic times have restricted the travel to regulate the spread of the coronavirus contagious. Home Care Isolation is a massive benefit because it enables you to be guided by professional healthcare providers over the virtual medium without having to leave your home. .

Save Time & Money

Home Isolation Care allows you to view and interact with your healthcare consultant on virtual, saving fuel and public transport money while avoiding the risk of stucking for hours in the traffic. you do not have to wait for the specialist in the long queues in the clinic or the hospital.

COVID-19 Test at Home

Our team is ready to collect the swab sample at your home. When the sample is received by a laboratory technologist, the process called (RT-PCR Test)extraction takes place, in which genetic material is isolated from the sample, including the genetic material, from any virus. We will notify the result of either Covid-19 positive or negative after the test.

Reduce Risk of Spreading

In this Home Isolation care, you can consult the healthcare specialist on virtual from your home, it prevents you from visiting a clinic or hospital where a lot of patients gather in a queue. It is quite a risky situation in this critical time of the pandemic. To avoid the risk of spreading the family as well.

Home Isolation Process for COVID-19

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