Alloremote is an exact segment for the digital platform, It deals with the Satellite in the remote villages which comprise of a Remote setup.

How It Works?

The model works like remote health kit which can completely examine, Panel like television in touch screen which can be operated by single click automation.

The card acts like it has all the data about the patient just you have to swipe the card in the satellite centre, it demonstrates the height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose level, etc.,

And also it measure the parameters and the calculation recognizes the symptoms of the patient, it enables the conference call of any city doctor who is accessible so we can interact with the regarded specialist through the disk, after the symptom identification.

The printed prescription can be given by the machine robotization and individuals can purchase the medications by the closest shop, we can check it each session of healthcare. Fundamentally, we are making a versatile application and a touch screen for a simple access.

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