Allomom is a mobile app which is intended for urban women during her pregnancy time. The app gets works by tracking the women’s pregnancy and her child's advancement for preventing maternal deaths.

Why Need Allomom ?

Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Maternal mortality is higher in women living in rural areas and among poorer communities.

The Healthcare centers are inferred for the overall public who don't get any authentic social protection facilities, they disregard to get the open door for a long time also, So we made a product called "ALLOMOM”.

Allomom is developed with two modules of mobile application and a web-based interface. Mobile application will be handled by the user to input the data and the web portal will be handled by the doctors/hospital to manage records.

How The App Works?

When Allomom application gets starts the app will ask for some specific information like contact details of a person who takes care of pregnant women.

From Allomom a link will be sent to her caretaker through that they can download an application called “ALLODAD”. Allodad is very similar to Allomom application from that we can monitor the data of Allomom.

Allomom has another option called ALLOKIT, consist of some healthcare products and a wearable device which monitors her complete healthcare and feed the real-time information about her to Allomom web portal.

Monthly twice a complete health check-up will be provided by some healthcare team at their home itself.Allokit can be subscribed by the Allomom user with a single click on the mobile application.

Key Features

Allomom can interact with the user through an artificial chatbot by texting information about some remedies to follow based on symptoms that detected on pregnant women’s health. Update her reports and check-up details by a single click. Completely adaptable for Women's pregnancy and her baby.

A regular update will make her consistent alarm in taking prescriptions, doing physical exercises, and her antenatal check-ups. Allomom will send different warnings with respect to different tests that she should take each trimester.

Allomom will track her records digitally like tracking every last single development in her body, it deals with their weight, the glasses of water that she drinks, and the tally of child kicks every day.

Allomom Mobile App

It always kindles our excitement to get the daily development of babies inside the womb. So here we are up with allo mom. We also periodically notify you with daily health remainders.

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