Allolab is the “healthcare product that analyses to give a proper health checkup for schools/corporates”. The platform is about to be preventive, every disease can be cured easily if proper checkup has done regularly.

How The App Works?

Health Checkup can be taken over by any health service provider and the people who are setting up the health camp, user-health data can be recorded. AI algorithm can detect the person are at high risk that person gets notified with the help of the application.

We are about to go and check for each school so the system can be identified also store the information about the personal records of an Individual healthcare service. Understudies can check their body condition in a particular time period on a regular basis so they can be kept themselves from getting influenced with any sickness.

The understudies have so many issues like Common illnesses Cold, Flu and Sore Throats which can be effectively transferable disease from one student to other, by keeping away such a large number of problems we are providing the healthcare in an appropriate way by sending the issues to their parents.

Furthermore, it can suggest the closest specialist nearby your place. The comparative procedure deceive the corporate sector, Even IT Corporates are confronting the similar issue like they have work strain to finish their target they are getting Stress, Anxiety, Depression, etc., The main aim of the ‘Allolab’ is to detect and get rid of the people from any disorder.

Allolab Web Portal

Being digitized is the new technological advancement. If this is so, even our medical reports can be digitized. Students and corporate people can maintain a digital consolidated report using Allo lab.

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