The entire objective of the platform is to give personalized and best healthcare for the elder group of people.

How It Works?

Allo Old Care comprises of a wearable gadget which is about to remind the intake of the supplies and recognizing exercise like sleeping, walking which used to track them and it stores the data information in the portable application as well.

The device consists of two version by which the old person can access the device and their daughter or son can have the other which can have only the view mode with the goal that they can monitor the old one activity in private. Backend portal is available which can be imparted to the pro in centers.

It provides weekly customized healthcare by sending specialists to their home and Analyse. By just tapping the app once nearby care can be provided and the prescribed tablets are integrated and furthermore can be refilled automatically. The vast majority of all the inclusive community are neglected to get the fundamental facility of their Health check-up.

To maintain a strategic distance from such sort of problems, it provides the best needs of every single individual and they may get a proper facility of healthcare in rural areas. So the prosperity of wellbeing Community level might be raised.

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