JioVio HealthCare is a Singapore based Med tech international company. We currently focus on providing a positive pregnancy, infant care and parenting experience with its innovation in healthcare technology.



Our organization VISION is to keep each person of our society free from ill health. Our primary goal is "We likely to not let go off any individual's life without a reason" to influence them to comfort and to get the essential medicinal services without a doubt.



The key component of our MISSION is "Personal healthcare kit for pregnant ladies and healing facilities" to maintain a strategic distance from the passing rate of pregnant women. And furthermore to decrease the proportion of the maternal ladies death.


Based on the Statistical data, everyday most of the women dies while giving birth. Children are affected by some disease due to irregular medical checkup. In rural areas, old people can't able to access the quality healthcare. In urban areas, people who have all access to quality healthcare don't have awareness about parenting.


In JioVio, we are focusing on all kind of health related issues. SaveMom is our pioneering project which main focus on saving mother giving birth. AlloOldCare and Alloremote will give the quality medical access to rural areas. By using Allolab, Students/Corporate people periodic medical checkup's has been done. Allobaby and Allomom will help for parenting.

Why Personalized Healthcare ?

    Personalized medication is the best practical outcome of the human genome venture.

    It has a high concern for every individual healthcare in which they can be dealt with for their own fitting solution

    Specifically wellbeing and therapeutic care of pharmacotherapy to keep far away from drugs, not deteriorated which might be improved.

    It is the component most likely started to detect the reduction of money and hospitalized

    Possibly it continues progressing quickly and could enhance healthcare of our community level.

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